1/ Our organic vegetables are processed under the closed organic process with the quality controlled in every step, fresh, delicious, soft, sweet, clean, reducing significantly the waste and cooking time.
2/ Thanks to advantages of a travel company, we are capable of regularly organizing tours around the farms, where clients may in person visit and watch how their daily foodstuff is produced. No introduction is better than your in-person experience.
3/ SANSHIN Vietnam Joint Stock Company is directed by the Japanese director who is experienced in serving Japanese clients for years, supported by Japanese agricultural experts living in Vietnam for more than 15 years, owning big knowledge on organic production and by the teams long-time working in Japanese companies. We always consider quality and prestige as the top priority.
4/ Project FARM TO KITCHEN draws on Japanese spirit and will in the context where Covid epidemic hits the travel sector globally, giving SANSHIN VIETNAM JSC time to carry out the plan, developed since 2011, on providing organic vegetables from Da Lat to friends, freelancers and clients. Our FARM TO KITCHEN project is for the people who we love and show deep gratitude.
FARM TO KITCHEN is started from season of cherry blossom; especially in 2020 when Covid epidemic wide-spreads globally, we think of the image which the cherry blossom tree grows at center of the stone-block in Morioka city, Iwate province - symboling the growth will of the Japanese in every circumstance.