Instruction on ordering

Farm to Kitchen is anchored to the mission of providing fresh products to families in the shortest time. 
1. Pre-order
2. Farm to Kitchen will update the farms
3. Farms harvest
4. Farm to Kitchen delivers on spot as scheduled by clients
How to order
Option 1: Call +84 934627368
Option 2: Order on
Step 1: Access the website and select the targeted products
Step 2: Click the targeted products and below options will be displayed
If you keep ordering: Click "continuing" to select more products to the cart
If you want to see the cart to add/change products: Click "Cart"
If you want to order and pay this product, please click: Order and pay
Step 3: Select payment account
If you already register the account, please enter your email and password
If you have not yet registered any account and want to register one, please enter your personal information. Once the account is available, you may follow your orders easily
If you want to order without account, please click "Order without account"
Step 4: Enter your information to receive the orders, select the payment mode
Step 5: Review the order, add note (if the combo, please note the like and dislike vegetables, if not receiving during working time, please indicate the delivery time and phone number of the receiver) and submit the order
Upon receiving your order, we will call you to confirm the order and your address.
Option 3: Order by messages on Fanpage:
Option 4: Send to the email: