Privacy policy

Who are we?
We are Sanshin Vietnam Joint Stock Company
Head office: 18/74 Truong Chinh Stress, Dong Da District, Ha Noi
Hereinafter referred to: Farm to Kitchen
What kind of data do we collect?
Data collected via Farm to Kitchen website are mostly: email, phone number, user name, password, client's address (member). This information is required by Farm to Kitchen when members register the services and so that Farm to Kitchen may contact for confirmation in order to protect the consumer's interests.
A. Collection purpose and scope
In the process of payment via Farm to Kitchen website, we store only details of the paid order while the member's bank account details are not stored. Farm to Kitchen also use personal identity and non-personal identity (such as cookies, IP address, browser type and so on) to improve capability of Farm to Kitchen in meeting the demands, developing new functions and services to keep up with current trends and hobbies. Members should be self-responsible for protecting and storing service-related activities linked to your own user name, password and email address. In addition, members should update as soon as possible Farm to Kitchen on illegal use, abuse, confidentiality breach, saving of user name and password by any third party so that the best solution may be available.
How and for what purpose is my information processed?
Provide services to members.
Send notices related to information sharing between members and Farm to Kitchen website.
Prevent corruption and faking of member's account.
Contact and solve the problems with members in particular cases.
Not use member's personal information for any other than confirming and contacting for issues related to any transactions with Farm to Kitchen
In the cases stipulated by laws: Farm to Kitchen should provide member's personal information if requested by the judiciary agencies, including: The procuracy, court, public security in charge of investigating any illegal actions of any client. In other cases, no one is permitted to access member's personal information.
C. Statement of confidentiality
Personal information of members on Farm to Kitchen are kept confidential absolutely in accordance with the personal information protection policy of Farm to Kitchen. Member's information is collected and used only if agreed by the clients, unless otherwise stipulated differently.
Member's personal information should not be used, transferred, provided or disclosed to any third party if not agreed by the members.
If the server is hacked leading to loss of member's personal data, Farm to Kitchen should update to the authorized agencies and the relevant members for the best solutions.
Absolutely protect all of Member's online transaction details, including digital invoice details uploaded to the Level 1 safety data center of Farm to Kitchen.
It is requested by Farm to Kitchen that the members, when registering/purchasing, should provide related information such as: Full name, address, email, ID Card No, phone number, account number, payment card number, etc. and also should bear full legal responsibility for the above-mentioned information. Farm to Kitchen is not responsible as well as will not solve the claims related to the Member's rights if the information registered initially by the Member is not accurate.
How long is my data stored on the site's servers?
Member's personal data will be stored until deletion is requested or self-performed by the member. In other cases, the personal information will be protected on the server of Farm to Kitchen.
E. Address of the information collecting and managing unit
Address: No. 18 Lane 74 Truong Chinh Street, Dong Da District, Ha Noi
Hotline: 0934 627 368