Policy on replacement/return

I. Acceptable reasons
The delivered products are not in full, damaged during the transportation time.
The delivered products are not same with the order.
The products are still in the warranty period (see the table below).
Vegetables, bulbs, fruits, fresh foodstuff
Dried foodstuff
II. Procedure on product replacement/return:
Client calls hotline +84 934627368 to request replacement/return
Notify the invoice number and the items for replacement/return.
Farm to Kitchen staff confirms the request for replacement/return
The items for replacement/return should be as intact as receipt.
The items for replacement/return should be quality-checked. Farm to Kitchen will replace with new item or return 100% of order value within 3 days if the conditions are met.
Notice the client on the replacement/return result.
III. Replacement/return cost
For replacement/return attributable to fault of Farm to Kitchen or the providers, free delivery will available